Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the outsourcing of all or part of a company's recruitment process.

A program that uses globally proven methods can help hiring top talent fast. Adaptability, cost savings, process excellence, technical solutions and predictive analysis.

Most importantly, the program is customisable to specifically address employers' hiring needs and challenges. Available resources can be scaled up or down as HR needs change, giving companies greater agility. Some providers offer career transition services to companies that need to reduce salaries, creating a true end-to-end solution.

By using the RPO model, organisations can :
  • Reduce recruitment costs by limiting the use of external companies
  • Build a strong talent pipeline through employer brand appeal
  • Manage HR risk with compliant hiring practices
  • Leverage data to optimise operational resources.

Several criteria are considered when choosing an RPO solution. The four main models are:

On-demand recruitment.
One or more recruiters come to assist the company with their specific needs. Whether it's a recruitment spike, expanding into new markets, or product launches, clients can benefit immediately from additional resources without changing their HR processes and tools. Organizational change has a more limited impact and does not result in sustainable process improvement.

End-to-end RPO.
The solution encompasses the entire recruitment process, including the HR tools you need. This model offers the best results (cost savings, productivity gains, quality of hire, and compliance), but is also the most complex and time-consuming to implement. Consultants will perform the following tasks on and off site: Analyse hiring needs with leadership, specify processes, source and screen candidates, schedule recruitment interviews, write and present applications, and onboard new hires.

RPO Project.
This is an approach that is applied to specific projects. B. Product launch. An effective solution for companies that want to keep the day-to-day management of recruitment in-house, but with end-to-end RPO benefits. Close the project in question.

Partial RPO.
Focuses on one or more components of the overall process. For example, many companies choose to outsource only the search and selection of candidates and perform strategic steps such as interviewing. Clients only benefit from best practices in defined interventions.

Choosing the right RPO model depends on your organization's current challenges and future goals. Virtually any organization can benefit from these models, with all conceivable solutions.

Some important questions to consider:

  • Need one-off or long-term coaching?
  • Want to transform the hiring process?
  • With the ability to manage recruitment in-house, does the use of a recruitment agency frequent and appears costly?
  • Want to be on par with market best practices and practices?
  • Is there an urgent need due to business development or issues with the internal HR team?
  • Need strategic HR technology (application management platforms, recruitment marketing tools)?

RPO costs are typically incurred monthly along with management fees.

In end-to-end solutions, customers typically commit to hiring a minimum number of people and set a minimum price. Additional charges may apply for each setting.

The same principle can be applied to RPO for a project, but the scope and volume are usually well defined, so the vendor may make specific bids.

With partial RPO, costs can be based on volume or specific orders.

Either way, RPO programs tend to cost less than hiring a recruitment agency for hunting assignments. The first step in starting an RPO program is identifying barriers to attracting and hiring top talent. By understanding the current capabilities and challenges, it's easier to choose the most appropriate solution to meet the goals. RPO is flexible and agile. A program tailored to the current situation can easily evolve to meet the needs of the environment.

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