The better way to interview a candidate
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📷 Markus Winkler

As an individual recruiter or an HR specialist, you wanna know what are the interview techniques and tips for finding the best candidates? Here are some of our inputs:
    • Prepare specific and relevant questions in advance to ensure that you get the necessary information to make an informed decision.
    • Ask open-ended questions to get more in-depth responses and get a better idea of the candidate's personality and skills.
    • Ask candidates to give concrete examples of their past work to get a sense of their practical experience.
    • Involve all members of the recruitment team so that everyone can ask questions and evaluate candidates.
    • Make interviews a conversation rather than an interrogation so that candidates feel comfortable and can show their true personalities.
    • Pay attention to nonverbal signals from candidates, such as their posture and body language, which can give insight into their personality and interest in the position.
    • Allow candidates to speak about their interests and career goals to better understand how they fit into your company.
    • Be transparent about the responsibilities and challenges of the position so that candidates can decide if they are ready to take on the challenge.
    • Take the time to get to know candidates and ensure that they are a good fit for your company before making a final decision.

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